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Dark Moon Over Burma

On December 8, 1941, the United States of America, led by President Theodore Roosevelt, declared war on Japan. A few months later the Japanese 15th Army under Lieutenant General Shojiro Iida crossed the border of southern Burma and took the Peninsular at Victoria point.

Dark Moon Over Burma follows the story of the passion and anguish of three women, as they try to escape the perils of the Japanese invasion of Burma in 1941.



Tales of India

Going back to the time of the British Raj in India from 1857 and after, Tales of India is a collection of epic poems and short stories based on ancient myths and real people who may have existed, but are changed here to become fictional characters born of the author’s imagination.


Down the Tube

Down the Tube tells the adventure of Jane and her doll friends in the land of the Llods, where they are pursued by the wicked PM and a fierce alien General Frognoski, as they try to find the secret door that will lead them back home.


Necklace of Death

This book tells the story of Johnny Paradise, who is living on a derelict barge in the Thames Estuary after being suspended from the Met Police. Johnny drowns his sorrows in drinking at the local pub called the Drunken Man, until he is visited by an old friend who brings him news about his daughter. The story leads to a series of killings as the gangs of East London try to silence him as he attempts to solve the mystery of the Necklace of Death.

Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Maurice Gaynor

She was born in India just before World War II, came to England in 1955 and settled in London,

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